About Lama Automation

Lama Automation has over 30 years of experience in development, engineering and production of unique special purpose automated assembly machines  in the following industries: automotive, electrical, house-hold appliances, metal processing, medical devices, dampers.

Lama assembly solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of high volume, precision parts manufacturing. The team of engineers can provide support during the product development stage in order to ensure maximized productivity, ease of automation, lower manufactured costs and life-long consistent quality.

Close cooperation with our customers ensures continuous development of our engineering competence and an ability to keep pace with the latest technical advancements.

Machine building principles

Flexibility The assembly system can be modified, rebuilt or upgraded with additional workstations during its lifecycle to suit the product redesign needs.
Integrability The assembly system can be integrated into an existing automated system.
Versatility with self-adjustment The machine can be programmed to allow the assembly of multiple product versions.
High productivity All assembly machines and solutions are tailored to high volume precision parts manufacturing.
Energy efficiency Sensors’ control enables to achieve optimal energy and compressed air supply.
Robust and rigid construction Automated assembly systems are devised to suit high-speed and high-volume process for extended periods of time.
Design support Our engineers can provide support during the product development stage.

Lama's unique automated process solutions

- proven technology used in Titus own manufacturing of high-volume components
- capability of solving the most demanding automated assembly requirements
- designed for efficient assembly, maximized productivity, lower production costs and consistent product quality

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