Assembly lines

Titus engineers can provide solutions to the most demanding challenges in automated assembly of precision components. The machines are designed to improve productivity and product quality in a wide range of industries.

Work stations are located consecutively in a line. They can be built as a combined system with inclusion of indexing table assembly machines

- when over 12 workstations required
- when more parts will be assembled on a single line
- free access to all workstations
- easy feeding and delivery of components

Asynchronous transport systems - one-lane or two-lane
- vertical or horizontal
- circle flow possible (KARE)
- precise and quick positioning at the workstation with precise pallet blocking system
Pallets - product assembled on a pallet transported between workstations

- mechanical two-position system identifying parts with defect
- electronic allowing for identification of type of defect on the workpiece

Samples of products

Our automated assembly machines are designed and built with the finest, world class leading components that ensure life-long consistantly reliable performance.

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Services and Technical Support


In machine and device engineering we use 3D programme application PRO ENGINEER 4 stations and 2D application AUTO CAD.

Technical service
We offer the possibility of the “Monitoring online service” via remote WIFI link, which enables quick and quality solving of certain programme errors in the operation of a machine.

Customer Service
- highly-qualified, factory-trained technicians
- interactive technical support
- maintenance training (mechanics/electrics) in our training centre and at customer’s site