Standard modules

In-house designed and produced standard preassembled parts improve our flexibility and allows for building of custom solutions to suit specific customer requirements. The standard modules can be used to up-grade or improve existing assembly systems.

Rotary, linear and line vibration feeder ensure correct and fluent product flow and feeding of workstation
Motorised stores and elevators for automatic filling of rotary vibration feeder
Dosing modules for automatic dosing of screw from rotary vibration bowls to a screwdriver unit

- standard preassembled parts
- faster construction and assembly of rotary indexing tables and assembly lines
- the possibility of subsequent installation in the line

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Services and Technical Support


In machine and device engineering we use 3D programme application PRO ENGINEER 4 stations and 2D application AUTO CAD.

Technical service
We offer the possibility of the “Monitoring online service” via remote WIFI link, which enables quick and quality solving of certain programme errors in the operation of a machine.

Customer Service
- highly-qualified, factory-trained technicians
- interactive technical support
- maintenance training (mechanics/electrics) in our training centre and at customer’s site