In many years of providing assembly solutions, we have solved a wide variety of technical challenges which has provided us with a broad base of knowledge that is used to solve the most demanding tasks in automated assembly.

Component handling - pick and place units, robots
- rotation units, grips
- vacuum, electromagnetics, pneumatic and mechanical
Feeders - vibrators, rotators, bowl and linear feeders
- special solutions
Mechanical operations - screw driving, orbital riveting, thread cutting, winding
- to appropriate height or depth, moment or angle
Dosing - liquids, silicone, paint, grease, oil, gels, powder, additives, sand
- precise filling of small quantities of various liquids or powders
- special solutions
Thermal processing - heating, drying, cooling
- air and water cooling, silicon drying, ultraviolet, induction heating
Welding and Connecting - welding (TIG, ultrasonic), orbital riveting, gluing, soldering, ultra sonics
Control and Testing stations - finished part control or intermediate inspections: dimensions, temperature measurement, product shape, liquid, air sealing, strength, hardness, temperature, electrical resistance
- video inspection
- robot guided controls
- sensor control: inductive, optical an pressure sensors, flow and force meters, colour and contrast, temperature and laser sensors, acoustical/noise check
Marking, labelling - mechanical stamping
- ink-jet printers
- laser printers
Packing - in boxes
- smaller containers
- blisters
Process programming Our proprietary software “Monitoring” collects, elaborates and transfers the data to a PC. It enables events’ recording and statistical processing that are displayed in graphs, chart pies.
- highly intuitive and user-friendly graphic interface
- error history
- display of alarm messages
- interface language can be adapted to customer’s request

Standard units from the world’s best brands or custom made solutions.

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Services and Technical Support


In machine and device engineering we use 3D programme application PRO ENGINEER 4 stations and 2D application AUTO CAD.

Technical service
We offer the possibility of the “Monitoring online service” via remote WIFI link, which enables quick and quality solving of certain programme errors in the operation of a machine.

Customer Service
- highly-qualified, factory-trained technicians
- interactive technical support
- maintenance training (mechanics/electrics) in our training centre and at customer’s site