The hinge is designed to provide consumer preferred way of soft closing action


'Titus Damper Inside'

 - Titus proprietary multi-purpose damping technology
 - Reliable and consistent life-long damping
 - No rebounce


Proven Glissando concept of soft closing in the hinge cup

 - Damper is positioned transversal on the hinge cup
 - Reliable performance
 - *based on results of Titus researches made in UK, Germany and Slovenia


Highly tolerant

 - Efficient performance in marginal values of tolerances
 - Reliable door closing in case of accidental misalignment
 - 'ConfidentClose' assured
 - Fast closing
 - Late start of deceleration action
 - Quiet landing with 'SoftTouch'
 - The hinge is designed to provide consumer preferred way of soft closing action



 - Consistent performance on door of different sizes and weights
 - Life-time service



 - Hinge-to-plate attachment assures stability and rigidity
 - Smooth performance


Low hinge cup drilling depth

 - Enables application on door thicknesses from 15 mm on


Adjustable damping

 - Consistent performance on doors of different dimensions and weights
 - Intuitive adjustment procedure


'3Way' snap-on

 - Low hinge cup depth
 - Allows for intuitive hinge to plate mounting in three directions
 - Enhanced mounting experience
 - Easy door instalation even in cases of 4-5 hinges per door


Cam adjustable mounting plates

 - Linear and cross mounting plates
 - Easily accessible height adjustment with cam
 - Consumer friendly hinge-to-plate attachment
 - Improved hinge alignment and performance


Sleek design

 - 3rd Generation Glissando style
 - Form follows function


Precise door alignment

 - Side adjustment
 - Height adjustment
 - Depth adjustment

Titus new generation hinge

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