Furniture connectors

Titus offers a comprehensive range of high-volume connectors with unique product features that add value to furniture and furniture manufacturing with:

  • - improved quality of furniture,
  • - lower cost of furniture manufacturing and furniture assembly,
  • - easier assembly of furniture at home,
  • - a higher degree of furniture consumer satisfaction.

50% less time to assemble the cabinet at home

Titus FastFit technology provides furniture manufacturers with an opportunity to increase end user satisfaction and lower the risk of claims.

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Cabinet assembly time reduced by 50%


Titus FastFit technology = Lama FastFit machine + Titus cam + Quickfit TL

Is a unique solution for factory insertion of cams and dowels that reduces by 50% the time needed to assemble the cabinet carcass at home. With the Lama FastFit machine Titus cam and Quickfit TL dowel can now be inserted in furniture sides in the factory. Pre-inserted connectors considerably shorten the time needed to assemble furniture with less parts, an easier assembly procedure and less risk of missing parts.


Cam retaining pips

Facilitate factory insertion and ensure that cam is  held in panel position prior to assembly.

Chamfer on cam

- Allows the cam to be guided into the hole during machine insertion.
- Provides -0.5/+0.5mm tolerances on drilling operation.
- Ensures secure cam positioning.
- Smooth insertion preserves the chipboard quality from damages.


Rocket fins

Assure precise insertion depth and allow the dowel to stay securely in place prior to assembly.

Dowel head shape

Acts as a positive stop and ensure correct insertion of -/+1mm on drilling. The final result is a perfectly precise and aligned joint.

Expanding plastic body

An in-built self-adjustment feature which enables:

- stability and fixed position in the hole during the transport and manipulation,
- common drilling inaccuracies to be overcomed.


Improved consumer's furniture assembly at home


CAF Consumer assembly friendliness

Designed to follow the principles of CAF-Consumer Assembly Friendliness that aims at improving home assembly experience with easier and quicker assembly procedure.


Tool-free insertion

Quickfit hand-insertion technology applied to a complete range of edge and face boring cam&dowel solutions, face-boring two-piece connectors and one-piece connector.


2 o'clock lock

Comfortable cam locking with “2 o’clock lock” feature.


50% less time to assemble the cabinet at home

Quick and easy home furniture assembly with factory inserted Titus cam and Quickfit TL.

Reliable performance and strong joint even with inaccurate drillings


Drilling tolerances

Quickfit TL2-TL4 range of dowels is characterised by in-built self-adjustment features that assure perfect performace with variations in edge-to-hole and between-holes distances.


Quickfit expando

Expanding housings and dowels provide a tight joint.

Reliable performance and strong panel connection


Zinc + steel for optimal strength and performance

Zinc as the key material assures a 100% dimensional accuracy of manufacture minimizing the risk of non-consistency in key product dimensions.


Zinc allows for designing precise forms like depth-stop collar that assures an “always-right” dowel insertion.


"Klix" feature

‘Klix’ anti-rotation feature: teeth on cams and dowels prevents from connectors' loosening after installation.


Small cam bursting force

Toroidal dowel head form transfers the forces between cam and dowel more effectively resulting in a small cam bursting force.


Learn about “CAF-Consumer Assembly Friendliness”


Low CAF score advantages

Titus CAF formula provides a comparative measure for customer satisfaction.

Improved productivity in furniture manufacturing and assembly
Buying, counting, bagging and stocking of fittings can be greatly reduced.

Easy and quick consumer friendly self-assembly of furniture
- Fewer parts
- Fewer types of parts
- Fewer actions to assemble
- Easy assembly instructions



Lower CAF score = easier assembly = improved consumer satisfaction