Titusoft for drawers

Soft-closing system for drawer

Titusoft is a universal damping system for drawer, designed for user friendly furniture assembly and a reliable performance throughout the furniture lifetime. Intuitive installation and positioning above the drawer slide on the front side of the cabinet allows for simple, fast and precise mounting. 

- works with most roller runner drawer slides
- intuitive mounting
- controlled soft closing action

Installation needs no pre-drillings and can be made during the furniture assembly or later, when the furniture is already in use.

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Titusoft for wooden drawer


- wide applicability - 'One for All' solution
- intuitive mounting >>
- smooth running with confident soft close

Titusoft for metal drawer


- perfect functioning on different drawer dimensions
- life-long reliable performance
- intuitive mounting >>

Titusoft for face frame cabinets with wooden drawer


- universal soft closing for drawers of different dimensions
- intuitive positioning and mounting on the cabinet frame and side >>
- controlled soft closing action