Tekform Drawer

A family of double wall drawers characterised by a simple mounting procedure and a life-long consistent performance with ‘Confident Close’ that offers a reliable and comfortable drawer closing and opening.

Tekform drawer slimline, new generation of double wall drawer system with narrow sides.

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EasyFix' front panel connector


The fast and simple 'EasyFix' locking system of the front panel connector requires just a hand insertion and a quarter turn of the screwdriver to reliably lock the connection. Its expanding feature allows for repeatable assembly and disassembly of the front panel.


Precise drawer alignment


Optimal drawer alignment is accomplished through an intuitive vertical and horizontal adjustment procedure.


Simple mounting procedure


Choice of front connectors

- 'EasyFix' for repeatable assembly, disassembly of the front panel, with the expando function for tight and stable connection
- Screw-in for traditional front panel connection and reliable joint


Step-by-step drawer construction

Facilitate factory insertion and ensure that cam is  held in panel position prior to assembly.

- Simple drawer side and rail design
- User friendly
- High CAF
- Easy adjustment


Titus damper inside


Titus damper that is integrated in all Tekform drawers adds value to the furniture providing a reliable and consistent soft closing tuned to end consumer preferred  'Confident Close' features: fast, gentle, silent and safe.


Tekform drawer range


3 drawer heights

Tekform drawer DW70, Tekform drawer DW145, Tekform drawer DW182


Inner drawer fronts

3 different heights
Design options with rail, aluminium or glass filling for Tekform drawer DW145 and DW182



Tekform drawer can be completed with internal accessories for cutlery and internal partitions which are totally integrated with drawer design and can be easily installed thanks to clipping features.