Ultrasound fastening

Titusonic products are based on the revolutionary WoodWelding® fastening process for the ultrasonic bonding of wood materials without the use of adhesives. The process is:

- Highly productive – fast process time enables a high level of production output and low costs
- Adaptable – can be used to attach most types of fittings to wood based substrates
- Glue free – no clean down or setting up of glue application machinery required
- Quality assured – Statistical Process Control (SPC) can monitor performance and give feedback to the operator

The advanced process can be adapted into many categories, such as:

Cabinet assembly with ultrasonics

The Titusonic Sonic Rivet replaces the commonly used wooden dowel and glue in the construction of cabinets and other furniture products.

Rigid chipboard panels are assembled:

- Faster – fastening with the Sonic-Rivet is at least tree times faster than traditional methods
- Stronger – 30% more strength than a traditional glued wooden dowel
- Cleaner – no glue required
- Repeatable – An engineered process that is repeatable and measurable

HCB fastening with ultrasonics

With rising demand for hollow core board (HCB) in furniture, the Titusonic process presents a cost effective solution to attach fittings to frameless honeycomb boards. The Titusonic Gateway 1000 ultrasonic welder bonds Titusonic plastic inserts into HCB using the patented WoodWelding® process.

Gateway 1000 enables:

- Strong fixing into both surface laminates
- Fast process – under 1 second bonding time
- Clean process – no glue required

The process that takes furniture fastening into the 21st century:

- Speed of fastening
- Exceptional strength

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