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23 – 26 August 2022

IWF Atlanta 2022

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting Titus product innovations at IWF Atlanta, North America’s largest woodworking event. We hope you had the opportunity to explore our innovative product highlights and talk directly to our experts for key insights.


Meet our top of the line hinge

Discover performance, versatility, and convenience with our new-generation T-type hinges, designed for kitchen and bathroom manufacturers. Uncompromisingly reliable hinge with a long-lasting, consistent performance of 200,000 cycles, which is especially
important for thicker and heavier cabinet doors where sagging is an issue. Get one step closer to speeding up your assembly processes!

We also presented our latest addition - the TeraBlack version - a unique surface finish. The finish combines visual appeal with real and valuable product benefits for furniture buyers and kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

Tekform Slimline Tacto 700x511

Tekform Slimline Tacto – Effortless push-to-open drawer solution

We combined push latch technology with the push-to-open know-how and introduced an efficient push-to-open solution for drawers.

The result is Tekform Slimline drawer now upgraded with a Tacto touch opening system for the effortless opening of handle-less drawer fronts. Tacto features intuitive non-handed design mounting for simple and easy assembly.

Flush System 6 2

System 6 Flush connectors - efficient solution for closet assembly

Find out how to reduce cabinet assembly time by 50% with solutions for the manual or factory pre-insertion of Titus connectors. As the need for convenient and instant furniture assembly grows, we present connectors that will greatly improve your competitiveness.

The new Titus System 6 Flush connector with its flat head, forms an even surface when it is inserted into the board to give an excellent and efficient way to flat pack closet systems. Using the System 6 Flush cam in combination with Titus System 6 Quickfit dowel allows for quick and easy tool-free mounting which provides ultimate onsite flexibility.


PushPlus for pocket door

PushPlus is the only system on the market with push opening and soft-landing function connected in a single mechanism to assure effortless and comfortable opening and closing of interior pocket sliding doors.

Titus PushPlus system allows the door to retreat completely into the wall. For maximum comfort, safety, and silence in use, the system provides damping in the opening direction. It combines best features from both – consistent and reliable door damping and effortless opening of handle-less pocket doors. Handle less pocket doors are perfectly flushed with the wall, enabling the maximum openness of the gateways. The hidden push-open mechanism assures confident release of the door only by a slight push on the frame. When storing them back into the wall frame the damper inside mechanism provides smooth and reliable soft closing at the last stage of opening, making the door disappear silently and with maximum user comfort.

Reliable and consistent soft closing of barn and pocket sliding doors

Slidix TF is an excellent choice for damping of a single door leaf, like in barn or pocket door applications. Slidix TF is mounted on top of the door making door closing and opening soft and without a re-bounce. Slidix TF can be easily fine-tuned to specific requirements of a customer’s sliding system depending on weight, friction, and speed.

Damper oven light blue

Full range of hydraulic damping solutions

We launched a damper which successfully performs in temperature ranges as low as -22°F, maintaining consistent damping in all conditions, even at the lowest temperature limits. Possible applications include ‘cold environment products’ like freezers, refrigerators and the automotive industry.

Adding a motion control device increases the value of a product by improving user experience with higher comfort in use, silent performance, safer closing and better preservation of all components and materials. Explore other projects where damping was successfully incorporated.

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