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  • Titus FastFit blog

    FastFix: Quick and Accurate Hinge Fixing Solution

    Have you ever struggled with hinge positioning prior to fixing it? To such a common problem we have a simple, yet very effective solution. Try our FastFix that will make fixing hinges fast and accurate.

  • Titus Blog Tadej Borstnar

    How the Use of Dampers Reduces Noise Levels in our Homes

    Our home should be a sanctuary where we find a relaxing and peaceful environment. But is it? Tadej Borstnar, an experienced Applications Engineer at Titus Group for many years, explains how adding a damping feature reduces the noise pollution in our homes, and how to effectively resolve challenges with damping applications.

  • Titus T type demonstration

    The 3Way Snap-on Mounting Solution

    Our 3Way snap-on mounting plate allows for an intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions (from the front, the back and the top). Mounting cabinet doors - even the tallest ones - has never been this easy.

  • CAF video

    What is Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF)? Watch the Video

    At Titus, we always aim to make our fittings assembly friendly - both for furniture makers and consumers at home. We developed a simple test to assess the fittings' Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF) score. Watch Phil Beddoe, the General Manager for Titus UK, as he explains the benefits that fittings with a good CAF score bring to Titus' clients.