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FastFix: Quick and Accurate Hinge Fixing Solution

Have you ever struggled with hinge positioning prior to fixing it? To such a common problem we have a simple, yet very effective solution. Try our FastFix that will make fixing hinges fast and accurate.

FastFix solution with Ø8mm pre-mounted expanding dowels on the hinge cup offers quick and simple hinge mounting into the predrilled holes and ensures accurate positioning and reliable door performance. It is available with our S-type and T-type hinges.

How does it work?

The accurate positioning is achieved by placing the hinge cup, together with the integrated dowels, into the pre-drilled holes. Thanks to triple-start screws it only takes three turns of the screwdriver to fix the hinge cup. The Expando feature assures a firm attachment. It also allows for repeated assembly and disassembly of the hinge cup.

Accurate hinge positioning with 3 wrist turns

Firm attachment of the hinge cup with dowels

Advantages for everyone

We’ve put together a list of the top advantages that FastFix can provide you with:

If you are an installer: it saves your time. It also drastically reduces the possibility of errors, waste of time trying to fix the problem and complaints. The positioning and attachment of the hinge will be perfect every time. Consequently, you will have more satisfied customers who will appreciate life-long optimal door performance.

If you are an end consumer: it saves your time and effort. You will experience assembling flat-pack furniture at home that has never been so simple and intuitive by eliminating most common issues related to hinge fixing. There will be no more hinge misalignments and time wasting. What you gain is reduced possibility of errors, less parts and assembly steps needed together with easy door alignment and optimal door performance.

If you are a furniture producer: you will improve furniture assembly performance by making it extremely accurate, fast and intuitive. Not only will you reduce costs, you will also minimise the possibilities of claims as FastFix is a reliable, quick and cost-effective solution which will make your customers’ furniture experience pleasant and easy. It is a viable solution for RTA and kitchen furniture.