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The 3Way Snap-on Mounting Solution

Our 3Way snap-on mounting plate allows for an intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions (from the front, the back and the top). Mounting cabinet doors - even the tallest ones - has never been this easy.

Snap it on from the most convenient angle

We have engineered our 3Way snap-on mounting solution to help make assembling your furniture as pain-free a process as possible. 3Way snap-on allows for intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions: from the back, from the front and from the top. This translates into two main advantages: fast and easy mounting without compromising product quality or safety.

Titus Blog 3 way snap on

10 Reasons why 3Way is faster and better

There are 10 key reasons why the 3Way feature, available with our T-type hinge, makes furniture assembly faster without compromising quality or safety.

  1. 3Way is the most intuitive way to clip the hinge, even for users with no previous experience with hinge assembly.
    Top to bottom attachment is the most intuitive way to attach one part with another and Titus hinge is the only one that makes this type of joint possible.
  2. 3Way offers the best compromise between rigidity and ease of mounting on the market.
  3. 3Way feature provides a natural disengagement position. The mounting of the hinge is mechanical and strong enough to prevent an accidental unclipping, and at the same time it allows the user to detach the hinge easily and naturally.
  4. With 3Way, the hinge-to-plate attachment is possible in any direction.
    This allows the door to be mounted in different situations and from different positions regardless of how the door is being approached to the cabinet during the assembly procedure. This is especially important for high doors with 3 or more hinges.
  5. There is no pre-established order in the clipping sequence.
  6. The 3Way feature makes it possible to attach the door with only one hand, meaning that one person alone can easily assemble the cabinet.
  7. With 3Way, even the tall doors are easily mounted as you don’t have to assemble the top hinge first. With other hinges this is a situation when many cabinet assemblers need assistance for clipping.
  8. 3Way allows easy snapping-on of the hinge in extreme situations such as:

    Inset doors. Back to the front clip is the best solution.

    Next-to-wall cabinet. Allows for an easy mounting in places where there is no space for the door thickness.

    Difficult attachment places, low cabinets furniture or hidden hinges like cabinets with blind panels.

    Cabinets with inner equipment.

  9. 3Way guarantees a 100% attachment in any given situation. The rigidity of the attachment is not a problem for the last hinge-to-plate attachment. We can clip all the hinges of the door without dismounting the last mounting plate. It also allows the reengagement of the hinge if its regulated. Majority of hinges are almost impossible to clip if the hinge is regulated.
  10. With 30% time saving compared to other hinges, it contributes to overall time savings in furniture assembly.

Only possible with 3Way snap-on feature

There are some improvements of the mounting plate that are only possible with the 3Way snap-on feature. The following improvements are related to the improvement of the clip attachment:

  • Improvement on the rigidity of the snap-on attachment due to long distance between the snap-on point of the mounting plate.
  • Better rigidity improves the payload capability of T-type hinge. We see this as better performance of the door, prevention of door sagging and use of less hinges in heavy applications.
  • The 3Way also participates in the hinge assembly tolerances as the snap-on action is more flexible.