Titus Group provides customers with  components solutions that improve competitiveness. Through innovative product design, expertise and excellent service we enable our business partners to improve their productivity and quality, reduce manufacturing costs and make assembly easier and more cost-effective.

Titusplus LamaThe Group’s largest manufacturing and logistics centre is Titus d.o.o. Dekani, located in Slovenia on the Adriatic coast, just over the border from Venice. This multifunctional site provides an ideal meeting place for our customers and business partners, where they are able to experience our technical excellence and view our complete product range in a showroom display.

Quick Facts

Titus Group The Titus group, under the umbrella of Titus International Ltd. based in UK, comprises 17 companies originating from Titus International in England and Titus d.o.o. Dekani in Slovenia
Core business Innovative precision components´ solutions
Business activities Development, manufacturing and sales of furniture hardware and hydraulic dampers.
Development, manufacturing and sales of automated assembly systems, production tools and die-casting technologies
Employees Over 720 employees worldwide
Markets 70 countries
Quality ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 50001, FSC: BVC-COC-146600
Code of Ethics adopted by Titus d.o.o. Dekani, TitusPlus d.o.o., Lama Avtomatizacija d.o.o.
Group members

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TitusPlus d.o.o. (SI) >>
Titus Polska Sp. z o.o (PL) >>
Titus Tool Co. Inc. (USA) >>
Titus Tool Co Singapore (SG) >>
Titus Furniture Fittings Co. Ltd (CN) >>
Lama Avtomatizacija d.o.o. (SI) >>
CRO - Lama (CRO) >>
TitusPlus Iberia S.L.U. (ES) >>
Pt Titus Tekform Indonesia (IND) >>
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Titus Holdings  Pty Ltd (AU) >>

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Chairman Robert H. Appleby >>
Philosophies and principles Gain total knowledge of our customers and their markets
Focus on identifying and creating high volume component niches
Meet our customers expectations with global consistency
Build long term associations with customers, suppliers, colleagues and shareholders
Invest in abilities of individuals at every level
Continuously enhance input efficiency and sustainability



Titus is faster and better in conceiving improvements in production processes, detailed product innovations and major new developments.


Product and solutions innovations from Titus Group offer clearly recognisable customer benefits and meet exacting requirements for quality, reliability and precision high volume manufacturing.

Our research centres meet the needs of customers for rapid development of exclusive new hardware features, which enhance their furniture, and for solutions that improve their productivity

We develop modern furniture door hardware that opens, swings, lifts and closes softly, the world’s most advanced range of mechanical furniture connectors, including the revolutionary Titusonic WoodWelding technology, and unique automated process solutions for a wide range of industries.

Innovation in Titus Group is not limited to the R&D department but is embedded in our processes, organization and corporate culture establishing a wide pool of creativity to be transformed into innovative solutions.

Totally Integrated Engineering

The Titus Group pursues growth in three directions:

- design and manufacture of innovative furniture hardware,
- design and manufacture of die-casting machinery, assembly equipment and tooling,
- production of various OEM hardware

Each of the three areas of expertise supports and creates added value for the other two activities.

All the main technologies and services required for high volume production of hardware are available in-house including: die-casting; moulding; forging; stamping; heat treatment; application of galvanised finishes; assembly; bagging and testing laboratory.

Total control over the production of all key components, combined with complete visibility of the crucial phases of each manufacturing process ensures high quality, greater flexibility and shorter delivery times.

The Lama Automation division that designs and manufactures die-casting machinery, automated assembly systems and tools for various industries supports the other two divisions by designing technology and producing manufacturing equipment.


This helps:
- shorten the time to market for innovative Titus hardware,
- ensure a smooth and fast transition from prototyping to bulk supply,
- extend product design possibilities,
- strengthen the product offering for furniture manufacturers and other OEM customers.


Quality has a broad meaning for us: it is our guide to the selection of materials, work, processes, internal relations and cooperation with partners.


We believe that the Titus Mission is achieved most effectively through the management of our design, manufacturing and service activities in conformance with the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management. Quality has a broad meaning for us: it is our guide to the selection of materials, work, processes, internal relations and cooperation with partners.


Our integrated quality system produces technically perfect products of high quality. They are assessed regularly in our own test labs as well as by internationally renowned institutions, such as LGA from Germany, CTBA from France, FIRA from United Kingdom, CATAS from Italy, AIDIMA from Spain, and others.

More info

- ISO 9001:2015 Titus d.o.o., TitusPlus d.o.o. (.pdf)
- ISO 9001:2008 Lama Avtomatizacija (.pdf)
- Company Policy (.pdf)
- Code of Ethics (.pdf)
- Creditworthiness Rating (.jpg)



Our values are put into practice with commitment to sustainable development.


At Titus Group we implement our business mission, pursue our vision and conduct our daily business practice with commitment to the concept of sustainable development - both locally and globally. We strive to be economically viable, securing growth and prosperity, as well as socially responsible and environmentally sound which includes rewarding our employees, making profit for our shareholders, investing in the growth of our business and reducing impact on the environment.

Our policy is to ensure  that all our activities conform to an environmental management system within the guidelines of International Standard ISO 14001:2004. Measures to prevent or minimize the impacts our activities may have on the environment are integrated within all Titus business functions.

Working within the framework of our environmental policy we aim for:

- inclusion of the best available technologies in the production process,
- minimizing the use of space, natural resources and energy and emissions,
- waste management.

More info

- ISO 14001:2004 (.pdf)
- Environmental Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Energy Policy (.pdf)
- ISO 50001 (.pdf)
- FSC®: BVC-COC-146600 (.pdf)

- FSC® Policy (.pdf)