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Titus Die Cast Technologies – your partner for multi-slide die casting solutions

We are a European producer of multi-slide die casting machines, wheel balance weight machines and custom die cast components. We also manufacture all the associated tooling and automation for these machines. We have more than 30 years experience of building multi-slide machines and tooling gained in our long history of high volume production of precision components. From our integrated manufacturing facility we can provide a complete range of four-slide die casting solutions:

- product design and engineering
- multi-slide die casting machines
- multi-slide die casting tools
- assembly machines
- conventional die casting tools, injection mould tools and press tools
- wheel balance weight machines and tooling
- other services: injection moulding, forging, stamping, assembling, bagging and galvanic treatment
- custom die casting

In accordance with the Titus Group’s mission: our die casting solutions help our customers to be more competitive by improving their productivity and quality whilst reducing manufacturing costs.

Why Choose Titus Technologies?

- 30 years experience of zinc multi-slide die casting
- Complete multi-slide die casting packages - machines, tooling, spares and technical support
- Affordable high quality mutli-slide die casting machines and wheel balance weight machines
- Global reach and support of Titus Group
- Full range of custom die casting services

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Engineering Expertise

The design and manufacture of our equipment and tooling is a crucial element in realising a quality product. During our 30 years of die cast component design and manufacture we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience of the four-slide die casting process that makes us uniquely positioned to provide innovative die cast solutions.

In our modern facility our engineers, using sophisticated equipment, closely control the manufacturing process to ensure the high quality of the final product. Product design and development are performed in-house by our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians.

In addition, a policy of continued improvement is practised within the business. To this end, all employees are encouraged to participate in their personal development and the search for further improvements in the quality of our products, technology and systems.

Advantages of Multi-Slide Technology

The multi-slide approach has several key advantages over the conventional approach in the manufacture of small precision die castings. The machine is compact with a small footprint; it is very fast cycling and uses low cost tooling that has fast set up times.

Castings of complex forms can be made to exceedingly high standards.

Through the use of split line injection, optimum raw material usage and energy consumption can be achieved in the die casting process.

Key advantages of multi-slide die casting process

- fast cycling and high quality components
- optimal raw material and energy usage
- very flexible, easy to operate and easy to maintain
- easy start ups with low capital costs
- excellent labour to machine ratio

Services and Technical Support

Customer service

Our products are backed up by our outstanding customer service from several strategic locations in Europe, Asia and America.

Technical service

Technical support is available via remote WIFI link directly to the machine or by a visit by our service technicians if the issues cannot be resolved via the on-line connection. We also offer ‘value engineering’ of new components and advise on how best to tool them to take advantage of the four-slide approach. We are also happy to advise our customers on all aspects of the multi-slide process including post casting operations.

Spare parts

Availability of ‘in-stock’ standard spare parts permits fast response and quick delivery times.

Customer training

We can provide a comprehensive training for customers' operators and maintenance personnel. This training can be carried at our company's facilities in Slovenia or by special arrangement at customers' plants.

Repair and Service

We can undertake the repair and refurbishment of many of the machines key components such and goosenecks and melt pots. This service can be tailored to individual customer needs and its main objective is to provide an efficient and cost effective service to our customers who do not wish to carry out these tasks.

For more information please contact: diecasting@titusplus.eu