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interzum Köln 2023

Thank you for visiting us!

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Thank you for joining us at interzum 2023!

Thank you for visiting our stand at interzum Köln. We hope you got all the information on Titus product innovations and had an opportunity to talk directly to our experts for key insights.

Our product highlights at this year's interzum

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T Type

T-type hinge family - designed for a lifetime of consistent performance

T-type hinge is designed for enhanced stability and reliable life-long soft closing of thick, tall and heavy doors, which are a hallmark of contemporary kitchen design. Now available also with a tool-free hinge cup fixing system for easy and fast hinge mounting, paired with 3Way hinge-to-plate system for the fastest cabinet assembly. The locking of the hinge cup is easy and requires low effort to press. There is a distinctive closing action with an audible click when pressed to lock, indicating a reliable hinge cup attachment to the door. 

Our new T-type-i 170 hinge with integrated damper, characterised by full accessibility to the content within the storage space is an optimal solution for kitchen pantry units with inner drawers. With 3Way snap-on intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting, the assembly is quick and easy, thus reducing kitchen assembly time. 




Push Latch S2 - soft push opening system

With the Push Latch S2, we are introducing a push opening system for handleless cabinet doors with a noiseless, bounceless and soft opening action.

New Titus Push Latch S2 incorporates a damping feature which controls the outward motion triggered by a push, making the door opening decisive but soft, silent and bounceless. It works with standard hinges with or without soft closing.  

System 6

System 6 - simple and easy cabinet assembly

New Titus System 6 with a square shape assures easy and accurate knock-in insertion with comfortable tightening, providing high-performance joint and sturdy cabinet construction. This face-boring-only connector is typically used for wardrobes and closets requiring the continuous building of segments in a limited space.

The combination of System 6 and Quickfit dowel speeds up the installation process. Quickfit dowel allows easy removal without damaging the panel which keeps users' freedom to change their cabinet design at any time.

Tekform Slimline Tacto

Tekform Slimline Tacto – effortless push-to-open drawer solution

Tekform Slimline drawer with Titus Tacto push-opening system is an ideal solution for handleless drawer fronts. With the activator factory built into the drawer runner, the mounting procedure is fast, intuitive, and precise. The system's sensitivity allows only a 1.5 mm gap, which enables perfectly aligned drawer fronts and assures confident opening and closing.

Titus Slidix Centro - mounted 700x511

Innovative Damping Solutions for Sliding Door Systems - Slidix

Discover three of the most sought-after soft-closing systems for stylish and modern sliding doors, developed by Titus experts. Slidix family of products - a range of damping solutions for wardrobes and internal damping solutions. Slidix Centro – reliable soft closing and centring of the middle door.

Titus Quickfit TL5 600x400

Quickfit TL5 ˝Full Metal Jacket˝ dowel

With tool-free insertion, Quickfit TL5 makes furniture assembly at home easy – and faster: if factory pre-inserted, it will reduce home furniture assembly time by no less than 50%.

We invite you to explore the Titus Quickfit TL5 furniture connectors engineered for quick and easy ready-to-assemble cabinet assembly, following CAF – Consumer Assembly Friendliness - formula to check and optimise your furniture assembly time. As the need for convenience of instant furniture assembly grows, we present connectors that will greatly improve your competitiveness. 

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