Titus Precison Plastics, based out of Columbia City, IN, brings over 60 years of manufacturing experience and a long history supplying the Automotive, Defense, and Healthcare sectors.


Sonic Welding

Pad Printing


Insert Injection Molding

Machine capabilities

Up to 150 Ton 6 Machines
151 to 200 Ton 6 Machines 
301 to 450 Ton 6 Machines 
60 Ton 2 (NEW) Electric Machines
110 Ton 1 (NEW) Electric Machine 
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Key features of Titus Precision

  • High level of product quality and service
  • Automation, Poka Yoke, and 30+ years experience in precision manufacturing
  • Project management expertise
  • Application Development Sales Engineers as key contact point
  • Strategic location and loyal workforce
  • Injection molding, zinc die casting and automated assembly in-house
  • Quality systems 
  • Strength as a member of Titus Global Business Group

The six-phase disciplined approach

Technical support to customers from initial concept through life cycle of production. 

1. Quotation: Identify methods, machinery, manpower, and materials
2. Project and Quality Planning:  Including process development and validation
3. Project Management and Development:  Including design reviews, capacity planning, packaging, quality documentation, project status tracking
4. Process Development and Validation:  Trial runs, testing, capability studies, dimensional layouts, and PPAP
5. Process Acceptance:  “Run at Rate”, “Lessons Learned Review”
6. Program Maintenance:   Quality reviews, continuous improvement, VAVE


UL 3

Custom molding quality systems

  • UL Registered B-1151
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Innovative automation capabilities

  • Robot and Camera Automation
  • Specialty Automated Assembly Machines


Titus Precision – Zinc die casting

Titus Group builds our die-cast machinery, which is ideal for manufacturing small zinc parts.

Die Casting Area  Titus Precision

Benefits and capabilities

LamaCaster P65 proprietary MultiSlide die casting machines are ideal for small zinc parts due to: 

  • Speed
  • Repeatability
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Die Size: 65 x 65mm (approx. 2.56 x 2.56 in.)
  • Clamping force – 3.2 tonnes
  • Shot weight: 60 grams (2.11 ounces)
  • Dry Cycle Speed: 100 cycles per minute
  • Casting Speed:  55 cycles per minute
Die Casting Technologies header

Die cast machinery

  • 8 New P65 MultiSlide high - speed zinc die cast machines
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  • Designers
  • Simulation software
  • Tooling maintenance
  • Network of fully equipped tool shops
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Finishing, degating, polishing

  • Rosler finishing system
  • Giant finishing system
  • Network of local  finishing/ plating suppliers
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  • CMM

Contact Titus Precison

To get in touch with our US-based sales team, call us at 260-244-6114

Email: [email protected]

900 W Connexion Way
Columbia City, IN 46725