Through our innovative product design, engineering expertise and effective service we enable our business partners to improve their productivity and quality, as well as reduce costs of assembly, manufacturing and other processes. Our three key divisions - high-volume cabinet hardware, innovative solutions for motion control and high volume precision parts manufacture - perfectly complement each other, allowing each division to provide a full service. Entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of customer needs are embedded in our DNA.

We are a global brand, providing global solutions and embracing the versatility of our teams worldwide.

Key Activities

The majority of the company’s turnover comes from its core activity of cabinet hardware. We applied the competences and experience accumulated in decades of designing and manufacturing high-volume cabinet hardware solutions to the areas of multi-purpose damping technology and high volume precision manufacture. Through these solutions we are active in various industries such as furniture, household appliances, automotive, medical devices and hardware.

Our customers appreciate us for our ability to produce high volumes with consistent precision and repeatable quality, always with our unique (Fit for Purpose) approach.

Our vision

To be the world’s best in engineering for precision components.

Our mission

To provide manufacturers with component solutions that improve their competitiveness.

Quick Facts

Titus Group Titus Group consists of 22 companies in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.
Core Business

To provide manufacturers with components’ solutions that improve competitiveness.

Business Activities Development, manufacturing, and sales of cabinet hardware, hydraulic dampers, automated assembly systems, tooling, die-casting technologies, custom die-cast components and ultrasound fastening technology Titusonic.
Employees 900
Markets 70 countries
Brief History

Titus Group is a mix of companies originating from Titus International in England, Lama Dekani in Slovenia and Tekform Australia. Titus grew from a sole proprietorship distributor of screws established in 1973 into a leading high volume supplier of cabinet connectors for ready-to-assemble furniture.

Titus acquired the Slovene hinge specialist Lama in 2005. This allowed it to expand its Fit For Purpose innovation approach into the segment of motion control hardware, particularly soft-closing solutions based on the Titus furniture damper. These are used to enhance the functionality of white goods and other home products. The acquisition of Australian distributor Tekform in 2014 helped Titus establish a more direct relationship with kitchen manufacturers. It was mostly with them in mind that Titus launched the new generation of one of its flagship products, the soft-closing T-type hinge.

Group Members

Titus d.o.o. Dekani, Slovenia
Titus Technologies d.o.o., Slovenia
Titus Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland
Titus Plus Adria d.o.o., Croatia
TitusPlus Iberia S.L.U., Spain
TitusPlus Italia S.r.l., Italy
Titus Tool Co. Ltd., United Kingdom
Titus Precision Company
Titus Holdings (Australia), Pty., Limited Australia
Titus Tekform Pty., Limited Australia
Stefano Orlati Limited, New Zealand
Titus Tool Co. Pte., Ltd., Singapore
Titus Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong, China
Titus (Shenzhen) Components Co., Ltd. China
Titus Furniture Fittings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. China
Titus GuangDong Components Co., Ltd., China
PT Titus Tekform Indonesia, Indonesia
Titus Tekform (Malaysia) SDN. BHD, Malaysia
Titus GmbH, Germany

Chairman Robert H. Appleby